How to survive to the vacation?

Sometimes, a few days before the holidays the work becomes unbearable. Time stretches like rubber, and you can’t stand it anymore, and it all comes with a huge number of unfinished tasks.

In fact, fatigue and stress accumulated during the all year reveal itself this way. Psychologists named this period “a syndrome of an empty battery”; it’s the state when the organism needs an urgent recharging, but the rest is still way ahead. It is dangerous to switch off at this time, because you can commit a serious error in your work; so, it may occur, that you’ll have to go to the job centre instead of holidays. How to help the organism in this time?

Experts advise to follow a few simple rules. First of all, it is necessary to normalize the diet and water-intake regime, as it’s not uncommon situation when the person forgets about the food, water and rest in the rush, and gets the worsening of gastric ulcer instead of the beach and palm trees.

Then it’s worth to plan the remaining work, and leave one or two days for emergency situations, otherwise the urgent brief suddenly handed down will cause collapse.

It is necessary to avoid chronic sleep deprivation. Sleepless nights may result in emotional disorder, and it may take almost all the holidays to compensate them.

Reasonable supporting in such a difficult time are natural remedies – adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables and dairy products, and, also, adjunctive metabolic therapy. Various nootropic drugs have good effect; among them are combinations with vitamins, such as Biotredin, which is metabolized in the organism, generating the metabolically active substances – glycine and acetaldehyde. The use of such combinations activates the energetic processes in the cells, which helps to reduce nervous tension, improve mood and increase concentration, which are so necessary for the successful completion of all cases.