Medical Research and Production Complex “BIOTIKI” (“MNPK “BIOTIKI”) was found in 1991 as a Russian innovative pharmaceutical company with its own innovative products. The company was established by a collective of a laboratory for research of metabolism regulators under the guidance of Doctor of Medicine, Professor Irina Alekseevna Komissarova.

The slump of a state funding for research in the early 90s thwarted the prospects for the development of many branches of natural science and medicine.

In this situation, the foundation of the company, focused on the implementation of new scientific developments to practice, was a challenging and risky project. As a result, unique scientific work of the laboratory was saved; the work which lasted for many years and involve producing the drugs based on regulators of the metabolism (amino acids, vitamins, etc.). And further, manufacturing of new domestic innovative drugs was found.

Over the last 20 years, “BIOTIKI” is the largest Russian manufacturer of unique metabolic drugs, whose action is focused on a metabolism correction. Inducing the biochemical mechanisms, such drugs give the chance to fight off the pathological abnormalities, accelerate the cure, and provide further protection of the organism from the disease. Products of “MNPK “BIOTIKI” clearly demonstrate its perspective. “Drugs of healthy person” – Glycine, Limontar®, Biotredin® won the trust of doctors and patients, and are actively distributed through the pharmacy chains in Russia. Their originality, novelty and level of invention are confirmed by patents in Russia, the United States, and Western Europe. Clinical trials of new drug Eltacin®, which has a cardioprotective effect, were completed; the permission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the manufacturing and marketing authorization were received.

“MNPK “BIOTIKI” has the exclusive right to manufacture and to sell Glycine, Limontar®, Biotredin®, and Eltacin®. “MNPK “BIOTIKI” is the winner of many awards, including the “Labor Glory of Russia”, “1000 of the best companies of Russia – 2001”; it was awarded a diploma in the “consumer confidence” nomination for the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

In 2006, the founder of “MNPK “BIOTIKI” Professor Irina Alekseevna Komissarova, MD, was awarded the Highest Russian Public reward - the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky of the 1st class “For Labor and the Fatherland” for her great personal contribution to the development of national pharmacology.