Medical research and production complex "BIOTIKI" was founded in 1991 as an innovative pharmaceutical company with its original medicines. The company was founded by the team of the research laboratory of metabolism regulators under the leadership of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Irina Alekseevna Komissarova.

A sharp reduction of state funding in the early 90s practically destroyed the prospects for the development of many branches of natural science and medicine. In this situation, it was a bold and risky move to create a company focused on the development of new scientific ideas. As a result, it was possible to maintain the unique scientific approach of the laboratory and its scientists, who had been working for many years on the creation of drugs based on metabolic regulators (amino acids, vitamins, etc.), and to organize the manufacture of innovative domestic drugs.

Over the past 30 years, BIOTIKI has remained the largest Russian manufacturer of unique metabolic drugs, the action of which is based on correcting metabolism. By inducing biochemical mechanisms, such drugs give a chance to cope with pathological disorders, accelerate recovery, and provide further protection of the human body from diseases. The registered drugs of our company – Glycine, Limontar®, Biotredin®, and Eltacin® – won the trust of doctors and are popular among the population, they are actively distributed through the pharmacies in Russia. Their originality, novelty, and innovation are confirmed by patents in Russia, the USA, and Western European countries.

MNPK BIOTIKI is a laureate of many awards, including Labor Glory of Russia, 1000 Best Enterprises of Russia – 2001, it was awarded a Diploma in the category "CONSUMER TRUST" for the manufacture and promotion of pharmaceuticals.