How to cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Is your child very active and irritable? Maybe, it’s hard for him to focus on something; he often behaves aggressively, gets tired quickly, and cannot sit quietly? In some way, this is common to all children, but if it’s a permanent situation, this can be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The main problem of hyperactive children is that they cannot stay still. They react very emotionally on any stimulus, often cry or scream. Distraction can once not to allow them to notice the danger in time, and children with attention ADHD are often become victims of traffic accidents, are injured during the games, get into stressful situations.

With age, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may go away, but about 30% of adults continue to suffer from the same problems.

Treatment of ADHD is usually based on the use of psychotropic drugs which stimulate the processes of inhibition. Many of this drugs have temporary effect and build up a tolerance. However, if you start the treatment of the disorder at an early age, there will be a chance to adjust the behavior without use of serious medicines.

First of all, for a child with ADHD it’s important to communicate with parents, to have a tactile contact. The quiet atmosphere, the lack of sharp sounds and excessively bright colors will help to overcome the syndrome. Also, natural regulators of tissue metabolism are indicated to children with ADHD for recovering of the diligence and attention.

Application of Biotredin may help. Having a soothing effect, the drug also stimulates the metabolic and regenerative processes, and helps to enhance memory and attention. Biotredin doesn’t build up a tolerance, so it is used for treatment in children and adults for achieving sustainable results.