The secret to a calm and clear mind Glycine® is the drug, which enhances mental efficiency, decreases psycho-emotional tension and vegetative-vascular disorders, enhances mood, normalize the sleep. It has anti-stress and nootropic effect. О препарате


Reduces the toxic effect of alcohol Limontar® reduces the toxic effect of alcohol. It stimulates the production of energy in the cell, activates the functions of organs and tissues, thereby it’s able to improve pregnancy course, fetal growth and development. О препарате


The natural way to improve brain function Biotredin®, due to attention focusing and enhancing of conation, is able to enhance mental efficiency, memory, decrease psycho-emotional stress. О препарате


Keep the heart young Eltacin® enhances the activity of the heart muscle, increases the physical tolerance. It also normalizes the oxidation-reduction processes and improves the use of oxygen in tissues. О препарате