Poor ecological situation, stress, all kinds of everyday and office troubles have a bad effect on health. The first thing that comes to mind: "How to treat it?" Unfortunately, many drugs are either not very effective, or so effective that they affect not only the target, but also neighboring healthy tissues and organs. The consequences of such a "chemical attack" are not always predictable. But there is another way to fight disease. Metabolic therapy drugs are qualitatively different from artificially synthesized compounds and do not cause side effects. What is the reason for such a beneficial effect?

Metabolism is an unfamiliar word to many. From Greek, it means change, transformation. Most often, speaking of metabolism, they mean transformations of chemicals as a whole. In a narrower scientific meaning, this term is about intracellular exchange – the transformation of biologically active compounds from the moment they enter the cell till the formation of final products. Which of these substances are the most important for the body?

Amino acids, vitamins, sugars, carboxylic acids, etc. are the essential chemical compounds that can be found in cells and that participate in metabolism. They act as the main "building blocks" from which organisms are assembled. They can also be called natural metabolites, i.e. such metabolites that are always present in the body and are necessary for the functioning of cells. We should note that absolutely all drugs in the body are also considered metabolites, but if they are not chemicals present in the cell under normal conditions, then they should be called xenobiotics ("foreign substances"). We also should say that most natural metabolites have many functions in the body. For example, amino acids are components of biological polymers – proteins. At the same time, some of them act as neurotransmitters – biological substances that ensure the transmission of nerve impulses from one nerve cell to another. They are necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system, and can also be used as a "fuel" for cells.

If you depict metabolism as a map, amino acids will be at the very center of it, participating in a large number of reactions. During these reactions they are able to transform into other metabolites, or, in scientific terms, to be precursors in the synthesis of compounds necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Therefore, a rational method of treatment and prevention of many diseases is to give the cell the right to "decide for itself", decide which molecules to synthesize, simply providing it with the "building material" necessary in this case, for this pathology.

Traditional drugs are an additional burden for the biochemical processes in the body. In most cases, they only deteriorate the situation at the cell level. And only metabolic drugs, which include natural compounds, allow the cell to activate its own repair mechanisms, correct internal "breakdowns" at the molecular level, suspend or slow down the development of diseases. At the same time, there have practically no side effects, there are no complications and withdrawal symptoms!

That’s why these drugs are rightfully called medicines for a healthy person.