How to gain the ability to concentrate?

We all have periods when we need a high mental concentration. In the first place it’s a crunch time at work, when you must to solve, analyze, estimate thousands of problems at the same time. In those days, our brain works so hard, as a fighter in the ring, so it needs a “high feeding” and enough oxygen.

Brain, like a car engine, needs an energy, which occur in the organism in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When you work hard, the energy resources can be quickly wasted, and the rate of ATP synthesis will not correspond to the rate of its consumption. This situation can turn into the nervous exhaustion – retardation, apathy, inability to even do anything.

How can you supply an energy deficit? This question should be addressed to chess players or professional card players. Who, if not them, knows what it takes to spend hours in mental stress with a maximum concentration, when any mistake can cost you the victory.

For maintaining of the intellectual tonus professionals use nootropics, which improve the energy supplying of neurons. Amino acid composition have a significant effect and high security level. One example of such medicines is Biotredin, which contains essential amino acid L-threonine and pyridoxine. In a cell it transforms into the amino acid glycine and acetaldehyde, which increase the synthesis of ATP and oxygen consumption. The final products of metabolism are carbon dioxide and water, which aren’t toxic.

Thus, the amino acid components improve the condition of neurons and promote a resistance of the brain to overwork without toxic effects. Many often misjudge the necessity of effective metabolic support, but do not forget that mental overwork can cause massive loss of neurons.