Dear friends,

For 30 years so far, the pharmaceutical company BIOTIKI has the honor of producing original medicines for you, which are based on essential chemical compounds (natural metabolites). Our company is focused on the creation of new innovative pharmaceutical products, the essence of which, despite of all their simplicity, is ahead of modern concepts for decades. A skillful combination of modern scientific knowledge, advanced technologies, simplicity, clear understanding of the intended purpose of a medicine, and constant training of doctors in new approaches to metabolite therapy opens up fascinating prospects in the treatment of many complex diseases.

Our medicines have such a varied effect because their action is based on the correction of fundamental processes in a cell. It is the understanding of such correcting of "molecular disorders" that is the key to the effectiveness and safety of metabolic drugs. Our company not only carries out scientific research, but also implements their results in practice. Over the years, we have managed to achieve a verified and well-functioning system of production and quality control of our products that meets the highest European GMP standards.

The main strategic goal of our company is to create, maintain and develop a competitive manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry, corresponding to the world level of development of science and technology, as well as to ensure the availability of innovative medicines for the entire population of Russia.

Ya. R. Nartsissov