Exams without stress

Spring for many people means pre-exam stress. Even ordinary end‑of‑term tests can cause an inner anxiety and insomnia in students and their parents. Final or entrance exams are even more disturbing.

It can all seems good: educational achievements are high, best tutors are involved, training courses are completed. You still have to conentrate and show your knowledges, but ... Chronic fatigue, insomnia, impatience, and a complete loss of confidence spoil everything. Is it inevitable?

Nature gave us not only the ability to rapidly respond to the excitation, but also our own inhibitory system. Inhibition is associated with an amino acid – glycine, which is produced by the organism. There is a lot of this amino acid in our organism, especially in nerve cells. Nevertheless, in case of prolonged disturbances, stresses, post-stress emotions, organism’s own glycine is deficient. Then the drug Glycine can come to help.

If you take this pill, the amount of glycine in the brain will increase glycine. As a result, emotional stress will decrease, and therefore proneness to conflicts and impatience can disappear, and a calming effect will be observed, in combination with higher concentration, better memory and working efficiency.

It’s useful to have Glycine with you. If something extraordinary happen, or you are too agitated when going to the exam, you will just take 1-2 pills of Glycine sublingually, and then the most tight psychological knot can come loose without excessive effort; and this will surely save your composure and health.

Also, don’t forget about Biotredin®. Natural and smooth, it is able to solve the internal biological problems, and, this way, it gives the opportunity to achieve the inner harmony. And then there is a great chance that the internal contradictions will be weakened; the bad mood will go away, and the concentration will be improved.

It’s better to take Biotredin® in combination with Glycine. Put one tablet of Glycine under the tongue (3-4 times a day), and in 10-15 minutes after its dissolution take one tablet of Biotredin®, also sublingually (2-3 times a day).