Glycine against a stroke

Any psycho-emotional stress activates the release of active substances in the organism. For example, catecholamine, attacking the cells and connecting with specific receptors, becomes a source of high blood pressure – one of the main factors of a stroke. Glycine is able to more or less neutralize this factor.

  • In stressful situations, or in case of the weather changes (if you know that you can react by the increase in blood pressure), try to put 10 tablets (1 gram of Glycine) under the tongue. Of course, do not forget to take other antihypertensive drugs as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Glycine also can be recommended for women in menopause, one of the symptoms of which is the development of vegetative-vascular diseases. In this case there is yet another scheme: 10 tablets simultaneously 2 times a week. “Loading dose” will help the body to enrich the store of this amino acid and to protect the vessels.
  • For the prevention of a stroke, it is worth to take Glycine for all the people over 60 years, and all hypertensive patients as a basic medication for maintaining of the normal blood pressure values. It’s worth to do it regularly, one tablet 3 times a day (sublingually) during the month.
  • After all, if the patient had an acute stroke, it is recommended to immediately give 10 tablets of Glycine to the patient. Tablets should be powdered and (or) diluted in a small amount of water. This could greatly ease the further course of the disease. Regular use of the medicine in the future can prevent recurrent cases of the stroke.

Another important risk factor for the stroke is the atherosclerosis. In middle age, regular use of Glycine can provide an additional synthesis of lecithin – substance which “precludes” the cholesterol to settle on the walls of blood vessels, and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

By order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation №25 from 01.25.99 “On measures aimed at improving the medical care of patients with disorders of cerebral circulation”, the sublingual drug Glycine is put in a list of equipment of specialized neurological ambulance.