“Why the heart is so disturbed?..”

It’s perfect when such a question arises in anticipation of love – happiness hasn’t yet killed anyone!

But if during a physical activity you feel a sudden weakness, shortness of breath, if you get tired quickly, if “motor”, which only a short time ago was so reliable, begin to beat fast as if intending to jump from the chest, all this is an alarm signal.

These symptoms are a serious reason to take thought and take measures without delay. In our life, with its hypodynamia, unhealthy diet, smoking, stresses at work, at home, in transport, the heart is not to be trifled with. You can just not to notice the next sign. Statistics is inexorable. More and more people have diagnosis associated with cardiovascular diseases. Nearly half a million of people die each year from heart diseases.

Eltacin® will help you not to get into the risk group, to prevent heart problems without putting other organs in line of “medicinal fire”, to correct the symptoms of cardiovascular disease. It includes endogenous amino acids – glycine, L-glutamine, L-cystine. Due to the synthesis energy in the form of ATP, which is necessary for the myocardium, the drug gently, on the molecular level, in accordance with the laws of nature, improves the cardiac muscle functioning and its contractility. As a result, the reduction of shortness of breath, normalization of rapid heartbeat and physical work become possible.

Treatment by Eltacin® should be started at the early stage of disease, particularly in case of ischemic heart disease (IHD). The drug intake in combine with conventional therapy (see the patient leaflet) allows making the heart stronger. There will be a chance not only to significantly ease the patient's condition, but also gradually reduce the dose of the conventional therapy of IHD.

Eltacin® has not only cardiac, but also meteoprotective effect. This is very important in our instable climate, because the decrease of dependence on temperature or air pressure jump can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications. Another important fact is that the drug can help those children over 11 years who bear physical activity badly, and especially those whose life is connected with sport.

Don’t wait till your “motor” fails. Don’t delay; give a hand to your heart!