The difficulties of an awkward age

“Each teenager goes through his own spring – a violent, foolish spring. It doesn’t “march, strewing with flowers” – not likely! It breaks down and twists...”

The writer takes us back to our youth, to the memories about our adolescent problems. Now, when we have our own children, and when our darling baby became a “nasty” adolescence, sometimes we are eager to tell: “The times were other back then!”

Unfortunately, the essential characteristics of puberty (moroseness, susceptibility, assurance in his plainness, morbid proneness to conflict, permanent readiness to self-defense etc.) are aggravated by the instability of social life, natural disasters and armed conflicts. The flow of violence from TV is not painless too. And then there are these “clingy” (the last century stuff!) adults.

The body of a young man is under severe stress. And it’s above his strength to overcome it by his own. That's the cause of joining in the bad companies where everything is easy and simple, where no one would condemn for alcohol or even narcotic drugs.

Parents are worried: “What to do? Should we use psychotropic drugs?”

Of course, not. It’s better to use, as required by the nature, such medicines as Glycine, Limontar®, Biotredin®. These drugs act smoothly, according to the nature laws.

Glycine is called the “remedy against the virus of evil”. If you take 1 tablet of this “family” drug (it’s worth for all the family members to take it, as an inadequate response you can expect from any of them!), 3 times a day, stress and conflicts may leave, efficiency will be increased, memory will be improved.

About Biotredin® they say the “medicine of achieving the goals”. By solving the internal biological problems, gives the opportunity to achieve the inner harmony. The internal contradictions will be weakened; the bad mood will go away (changing mood with the dominance of negative emotions, which is typical for adolescence, is a symptom of the hidden depression); the rapport, the concentration will be improved; the willing to communicate, to listen to adults, readiness to do good will appear.

It is better to take these metabolic drugs according to the following scheme: put one tablet of Glycine under the tongue (3-4 times a day), and in 10-15 minutes after its dissolution take one tablet of Biotredin®, also sublingually (2-3 times a day).

Just in a week it can be not so easy to recognize this “difficult teenager”. Don’t waste a chance, help him feel like a “man” and establish himself in a new way!