How to avoid a chronic fatigue syndrome?

On Monday you feel as if you hadn’t taken a rest? During holidays you tired so much that nothing can please? Permanent stress, fatigue, apathy, insomnia and memory loss ... know yourself?

Many people think that this is normal thing – to get tired constantly, not to feel anything but anger and resentment, some think that joy and vitality is for few people. But it’s not. Permanent fatigue that persists even after long relaxation is a sign of a chronic fatigue syndrome.

Office workers, whose activity is monotonous, but requires a constant concentration, are main victims of the syndrome. The disease depresses the inhibition nerve centers, and a state of “work is even dreamed of” takes place. Eventually, chronic fatigue syndrome forms the zones of chronic tension, which lead to development of other diseases, primarily of the nervous and cardiovascular system. People, who suffer from the syndrome, look listless, always feel bad, and do not experience strong emotions. Their reactions are blunted, the attention is distracted; that could lead to an accident or a work injury. If the chronic fatigue syndrome is not treated, as time goes on, the immune system will be broken. Therefore, one of the symptoms of the syndrome is the sensitivity to respiratory infections and chronic rhinitis.

The treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome should be combined. It’s important to increase physical activity, be outdoors more often, design a proper diet plan together with your doctor. Yoga and pilates are recommended for many patients. Also, to activate the inhibition centers and stimulate the regenerative processes during treatment, it’s necessary to take regulators of tissue metabolism, such as Biotredin. The drug also improves attention and helps to correct the memory impairments caused by the syndrome.