Hit the Stress with Relax: proven ways to revive yourself

We always heard that “all diseases are due to the nerves”. But it doesn’t help to be less nervous. Especially that there are a lot of reasons: the neighbors regularly chuck chairs to the walls, unknown animal leaves traces at the door, and boss starts nagging for the slightest hour and a half late.

The modern world is full of stress. You can try to dissociate from it and live according to the principle proposed once by the singer Cher, a simple truth: “If it will not matter after 5 years, it does not matter now”. However, practice shows that most of us not always manage to escape from negative situations. And even if it works, resulting emotional “shell” brings no joy or pleasure.

What to do?

The first is to understand what is happening to you.

When the stresses are gaining the critical mass, everything from the traffic jams to neighbors’ overnight quarrels makes us explosive. Panicking, we hurry to a psychiatrist, and then to a pharmacy for ataractics, and live in a circle, where there is no place for freedom of self-expression. There are only work, drugs and earning for drugs. Constant emotional tension spoils all life spheres: our mind is slow; we quickly lose composure, cry (reasonably or not); we hurt our loved ones, and don’t manage to perform everyday basic things. But all this can be avoided.

Stress first-aid kit

The relaxation process can and should be enjoyable. The main thing is to organize it right. Stock up on aromatic candles, essential oils (or cosmetics containing them). Which oil should you choose? Go with your taste and smell, it won’t disappoint you. For information, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, cedar, rose oils has soothing properties.

You can diffuse them with the oil warmer, or take a bath with essential oils. If your neurosis is not yet developed into the “terminal stage”, you’ll notice a smooth relaxing effect almost immediately. Essential oils relax and soothe you.

However, if your case is “neglected”, such measures unfortunately will not help.

Neuroses and neurotics

Neurosis is a disorder, and it should be treated by a professional, that is, a neurologist. However, the Russians are not always ready to “surrender” to a doctor. And in stress, it’s almost impossible to bring yourself to visit the doctor. Quite often we are afraid of doctors more than of a disease.

What should we do? Should we go to the doctor through the fear, as to an execution? As a first step, relax and calm down. Yes, for going to a doctor who treats the nerves you need to calm your nerves. And it’s not necessary to take a huge dose of tranquillizers for this. Furthermore, there is a wide choice of milder and more effective medicines in pharmacies now. Such medicine is Biotredin which is often prescribed to children for improving of attention. It has a complex effect on the central nervous system. Simultaneously, it tones and calms, stimulates mental activity and relaxes, gives you a sense of peace and de-stress.

After a proper relax therapy, you are ready to visit the doctor, drive through the city during the rush hour with a smile; and, after all, listen to the claims of your nervous boss. Would you share the secret of peace of mind with him or not – is up to you to decide.