Glycine and Biotredin: best friends!

The saying “all diseases are caused by the nerves” is justified. We fall down on trying to do an important work in time. In this case we feel stress in combine with tiredness, which are among the most important factors of low immune function.

If you get into a such situation, employ Glycine and Biotredin®. Their composition is based on the natural endogenous amino acids, carboxylic acids, and vitamins. They affect on the organism gently, according to the laws of nature.

Glycine also gives the chance not to provoke respiratory infections by the stress. It relieves an emotional tension, which allows him to “strengthen” the cell walls, reduce the probability of a virus entering in the cell. It can help with vegetative-vascular dystonia, residual effects of traumatic brain injury, cerebral ischemia. If you take it regularly during the month per 1 tablet 3 times a day, you’ll most likely notice that the stress, conflicts, aggression have gone, working efficiency and memory have been improved.

Biotredin® solves internal biological problems, and allows the person to achieve the mental harmony. It will be possible, by Biotredin® regular intake, to weaken the internal contradictions, to enhance mood and fight the hidden depression (which is the most dangerous to our health), to improve concentration. You’ll be able to do more work in the same time, to learn an information easier, to be less nervous!

It is recommended to take the drugs in combination. Put one tablet of Glycine under the tongue (3-4 times a day), and then, in 10-15 minutes after its dissolution, one tablet of Biotredin® (2-3 times a day).