Eltacin®. To make the heart stronger.

Unfortunately, the years are taking their toll; and our hearts, as we ourselves, are also little by little starting to grow old and tire.

Constant stress and exhaustion, heat and changeable air-pressure – all this creates a load on the heart. Even young people not always cope with it. And it’s especially difficult for older people and for those who suffer from Ischemic heart disease (IHD). Weakness, labored breathing, racing heart, edema are the first signals that the heart cannot cope with the load. Apparently, you are experiencing age-related changes, and weather conditions just strengthened the body's response to these processes.

Speaking about Eltacin®. This drug is produced by the Russian company OOO “MNPK “BIOTIKI”. Eltacin® helps to normalize the heart function and to reduce the tissues’ hypoxia. It contains a mixture of amino acids (glycine, L‑glutamic acid, L‑cystine). As a regulator of metabolism, the drug normalizes the oxidation-reduction processes and the use of oxygen in the tissues. Action of Eltacin® is very gentle, because it affects the cells at the molecular level. Due to the formation of the energy necessary for the heart muscle, the medicine can improve the heart functions and increase the myocardial contractility.

Studies showed that in case of the regular drug intake there was a chance to decrease labored breathing and racing heart; an active physical work, which recently seemed beyond strength, became possible.

Treatment by Eltacin® should be started at the early stage of disease. Under these conditions the drug can not only significantly ease the patient's condition, improve the quality of life, but also gradually reduce the dose of the conventional therapy of IHD. Course of Eltacin® can be repeated on the recommendation of a doctor (see the patient leaflet).

Eltacin® has not only cardio but also meteoprotective effect – it helps to reduce meteosensitivity and, consequently, the risk of cardiovascular complications. To remove the excess stress and improve mental performance, it’s recommended to take Glycine manufactured by OOO “MNPK “BIOTIKI” in combine with Eltacin®. You should put under the tongue at first the tablet of Eltacin® and then, in 10-15 minutes after its dissolution, the tablet of Glycine.

Take care of your heart, and be healthy.