Eltacin®: Strong hearts!

Winter for weather-sensitive people is always a challenge. After quite a hot long summer and exhausting with its instability autumn weather, beginning of icy winds and frost with occasional thaws affect badly on health. It’s not easy even for healthy people.

But it is especially difficult for those who suffer from ischemic heart disease (IHD). Weakness, labored breathing, racing heart, edema are typical signs of heart failure which accompany the IHD.

Eltacin® can help the organism in such a difficult situation. At the molecular level, gently and physiologically, he is able to correct these unpleasant symptoms. Due to the synthesis of the energy (ATP) which is so necessary for cardiac muscle, the drug can improve the muscle work, increase its contractility, and consequently reduce the labored breathing, normalize the heartbeat, makes possible the physical work.

At the Russian research and practice conference “Arterial hypertension: yesterday and today” (2010) it was shown that Eltacin® has not only cardio but also meteoprotective effect. It decreases weather-sensitivity and, consequently, the risk of cardiovascular complications.

Patients with IHD are recommended to take 1 tablet of Eltacin® 3 times a day for three weeks. If necessary, course can be repeated after consultation with a doctor.

Treatment by Eltacin® should be started at the early stage of disease. The drug intake in combine with conventional therapy (see the patient leaflet) allows making the heart stronger. Also, there is a chance not only to significantly ease the patient's condition, but also gradually reduce the dose of the conventional therapy of IHD. This is especially important for those who are sensitive to weather changes or stress – both seriously strike at the cardiovascular system (it’s not a secret).

To remove the excess stress and improve mental efficiency is also recommended to take Glycine manufactured by “MNPK “BIOTIKI”.