Eltacin® in the fight for quality of life

Hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart defects are dangerous in themselves. If they are complicated by the symptoms of heart failure (weakness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, edema which are inevitable in case of blood supply violations), than threat to health increases; quality of life sharply reduces.

Eltacin® includes endogenous amino acids. They allow him to cope with unpleasant symptoms of heart failure, to correct it gently. As a regulator of metabolism, the drug helps the body to normalize the oxidation-reduction processes, to use the oxygen in tissues more effectively; it also promotes producing of more energy necessary for the heart functioning.

Due to all above mentioned Eltacin® is able to significantly increase myocardial contractility (also when smoking), to cope with the “breakdowns” of the heart, to increase organism tolerance to physical activity, to improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure.

The drug is non-toxic and has no contraindications, except of individual hypersensitivity to components of the drug. Sublingual intake of Eltacin® (1 tablet 3 times a day) in combine with the conventional therapy is able not only to significantly ease the condition of patients with cardiovascular diseases, but also gradually reduce the dose of cardiac drugs. Discuss it with your doctor. Perhaps Eltacin® is exactly the drug that you have been waiting for.

The drug may also be useful for people not suffering from chronic heart disease. Our life is rich with stress (and there is no escaping it), and it is able to crushingly strike the cardiovascular system.

Psycho-emotional excitement is good only in moderate doses. When the stress runs high, even in healthy people fell their heart “jumps out” of the chest; shortness of breath, weakness, rapid heartbeat appear. By the way, doctors suggest that significant increase of number of patients with symptoms of heart failure in summer is not accidental. Changing of climate, sharp fluctuations in temperature, and especially the heat have a serious effect to the cardiovascular system with all the consequences that entails. Put under the tongue a tablet of Eltacin® 3 times a day, and you will support the heart muscle, and help the blood vessels to survive in a difficult situation.