Eltacin: an invaluable help in stress

Any psycho-emotional stress leads to the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases. In stress, the heart works at the breaking point for providing the cells with oxygen and nutrients.

Eltacin: an invaluable help in stress
If this piece of muscle, small as a fist, is not able to properly provide tissues and organs with blood, you’ll meet with a weakness, labored breathing, racing heart, edema and other troubles.

The symptoms of heart failure are unpleasant in themselves. And what if a man has hypertonia, ischemia, or heart disease? The remedy for stress, as you know, is Glycine. The drug is able not only to protect cells from the stress agents, but also neutralize the “aggressors”, which appear in the tissues under the stress.

Invaluable support for Glycine in a stressful situation is a unique new metabolic drug Eltacin®. Gently, in physiological laws, without the side effects, it is able to correct the “heart problems” of the organism.

In myocardial cells, Eltacin® increases the level of glutathione – a substance which binds free radicals, reduces activity of peroxidation processes, improves the efficiency of the oxygen consumption, stimulates the processes of energy (ATP) synthesis.

A combined intake of Glycine and Eltacin® will help both to survive the stress, and to significantly ease the heart “life”. Both of the drugs are recommended to use sublingually as a tablet or tablet powder after grinding; the second tablet should be administered in 10-15 minutes after complete dissolution of the first one.